Technology, as a religion?

So there’s been religion for pretty much forever right, cavemen worshiping fire, pagans, Egyptians with their burial rights and mummification, Muslims, Christians, hindus, now even Scientology.
What I’m saying is that religion has been around as long as man kind and there has always been a lot of them, all with different ideas of god and heaven and reincarnation.
My big question is, is there room for a religion based around the idea of technology and the use of it to cause evolution in mankind, the idea that technology and what it can do for us could be a religion. Other religions can be said to be based not in fact, but in fiction with widely outlandish stories and historical inaccuracies, people are expected to believe in what they are told from scripts that have altered across time to suit the rulers of that era.
The “worship” of technology would in these circumstances seem to be a noble idea, people coming together to share ideas about technology and look to the future of what be possible. A grouping where societies Luddite ideas cannot penetrate, where fear of technology is not acceptable and where innovation is possible. Unlike other religions where historically the idea has been to crush the common man under a fear of god and take their money to guarantee passage to heaven, a religion based technology would only seek to enlighten and enhance.
Human augmentation would be a major factor, governments are weak and other religious groups would oppose it but augmentation would evolve humanity. Every aspect of human life could be enhanced by augmentation, the technology for it is growing fast and it will soon be commercially viable. Stronger arms and legs, enhanced thinking, faster reactions and increased lifespan are all possible. Imagine a world where you sustain an injury and the part is then simply replaced, no long recovery periods, no medication, no staying on a ward while you heal.
The question now is of course how much interest is there out there for this kind of thing, I know some interested people but of course religion cannot be founded with just a few people. If this is the kind of thing that would interest you please let me know in the comments section and we can grow this.

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